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Further or Furthur may refer to:

  • Further (bus), the Merry Pranksters' psychedelic bus
  • Further (band), a 1990s American indie rock band
  • Furthur (band), a band formed in 2009 by Bob Weir and Phil Lesh
  • Further (The Chemical Brothers album), 2010
  • Further (Flying Saucer Attack album), 1995
  • Further (Geneva album), 1997, and a song from the album
  • Further (Richard Hawley album), 2019
  • Further (Solace album), 2000
  • Further (Outasight album), 2009
  • "Further" (VNV Nation song), a song by VNV Nation
  • "Further", a song by Longview from the album Mercury, 2003
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